jewelry is my favorite art

our story

Nikos Mentesidis started his career in the field of silver and goldsmithing in the 70’s, when he decided to put his creativity into practice in the design and manufacture of jewelry. In 2003, the workshop passed into the hands of his daughter, Georgia Mentesidou, who in turn combined the new aesthetics with the quality and authenticity of earlier times. This is how the lartistico was created, with the dream that one can find the perfect gift for any occasion. In 2012, her brother Paisios Mentesidis, studies design and manufacture of jewelry and gives his own touch to the collections of lartistico. Unique jewelry, handmade or not, made of silver or gold, with diamonds or mineral stones, make your wishes, creation.

Life isn't perfect, but wearing a jewelry, can be. Compliment yourself with the best way.

Each piece is unique and created solely by hand of Paisios, a lover of the ethnic spirit and the bohemian culture. Materials, 925 sterling silver and gold are used.

Lartistico – Στρ. Μακρυγιάννη 13, Θεσσαλονίκη – 2310282720

paisios – Λεωφόρος Πεντέλης  77 79, Αθήνα – τηλ 2106897678